Lindsay Rosenwald

Lindsay Rosenwald- His Journey

Posted by lindsayrosenwald38 in March 31, 2010

Lindsay Rosenwald contributions to biotechnology industry are incredible. With wide range of experience in biotechnology and finance fields, he is considered as one of the more poplar leaders in the world. Lindsay is considered to be the one who changed the fate of biotechnology in the world. There is no comparison for his contributions to the biotechnology. He started numerous of companies as well as serving as the director for several companies. He is the director for many numbers of private and public limited companies in the biotechnology space.


Lindsay Rosenwald has studied in finance form Pennsylvania University in 1997. He also received a medical degree from Templeton School of Medicine in mid 1980s. Later, he went on starting his own medical practice and ran it for 2 successful years before moving to New York. He moved to Wall Street, New York to focus on the advanced research on biotechnology and then onwards he started numerous of companies to help lifting the biotechnology industry.

Lindsay Rosenwald is the founder of Paramount Group, which is one of the most popular groups in the Biotechnology in America. The Paramount Group includes Paramount BioCapital, Paramount Capital Assets etc. There are several other companies where in he has been serving as the director in the biotechnology industry. He is also fonder of like Biocryst Pharmaceuticals; Titan Pharmaceuticals; Cypress Biosciences; Keryx Biopharmaceuticals; Javelin Pharmaceuticals; Polarx; and Enzymed Corp and all these companies are into the drug development and clinical research.

Cougar Biotechnology is one of the great foundations of the Rosenwald and has been recently sold to Johnson and Johnson for whooping amounts of money and it is said that the deal is about one billion dollars. This is considered as one of the biggest deals in the biotechnology till now. The paramount group companies are known for getting the fast FDA approvals and Arsenic Trioxide is one rare drug which had got the FDA approval with just 30 months of clinical trails. This is the industry record in the biotechnology.


Lindsay Rosenwald is the most prolific leader with a lot of companies under his kitty. He helped a numerous of the professionals and small companies with his experience of setting companies and handling people. He is the founder of Rosenwald Foundation, which is a charitable trust that involved in helping companies in the drug development and clinical research.